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Ballymena Primary School

Ballymena Primary School

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Nursery Rhyme Day

To complete our Nursery Rhyme topic we had a 'dress-up' day. We had a great range of characters so now see who arrived at school that day!

Pattern - investigate and create

We have been examining pattern in our classroom and our school environment. With a partner, we have copied and continued patterns and individually we have devised our own patterns. We have varied our patterns by using 2, 3 and 4 colours, 2D shapes, 3D shapes and devised directional and height/colour patterns. During play, we had great fun creating patterns using many types of equipment.g

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Our World Around Us topic, People Who Help Us, began by thinking of the 'safe people' in our lives. Our Mums were suggested by everyone and after painting them, we wrote about why they were so special. We used a Tree Map to sort the 'people who help us' into groups - at home, in school and in the community. When we matched people with their equipment or tools, we thought more about what it was like to do their jobs.

We enjoyed learning about some jobs when we had visits from the dentist and the optician and were able to write interesting stories about what we learned. This also helped us to role play during Activity Based Learning, becoming opticians, builders, firefighters, teachers, doctors and nurses. 

If we are in trouble, we know to ring the emergency services. It is also important for them to be dressed correctly, so we investigated how high visibility clothing helps them be seen in the dark and keep safe.

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