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Ballymena Primary School

Ballymena Primary School

Believe, Persevere, Succeed



3 / 4 GB

In our first term we have enjoyed learning all about trees! We discovered some local trees and their seeds, went for a tree walk and researched about trees from all around the world. It was great fun programming the Bee-Bot and learning about all of the things we use that are made from wood.

We have been learning all about time this month as you can see from our photos. We have also learned this rhyme to help us remember the number of days in each month.


30 days has September, 

April, June and November.

All the rest have 31,

Except for February all alone.

It has 28 days clear,

And 29 in each leap year.


We have also had great fun learning about angles and problem solving in teams during ABL.

Learning Today for Tomorrow’s World