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Ballymena Primary School

Ballymena Primary School

Believe, Persevere, Succeed




Welcome to P5/6 LR/EK Class!



Marvellous Maps


We have been learning about the continent of Europe as part of our work in World Around Us. We enjoyed the opportunity to use atlases and ipads to identify the continents of the world and the countries and capital cities of Europe. Our map reading and observational skills are sharper than ever now!

Creative Compositions


We have been busy in our music lessons learning about how sound can tell a story. We developed our own graphic score on the theme of fireworks and thought about how we could use a mixture of vocal sounds, body percussion and instruments to best represent the story. After much discussion and practice, we then performed our compositions for the class, who evaluated our efforts in a constructive way. We also had lots of fun in the process!

Anti-Bullying Week


Whilst we are very aware in P5/6 that bullying is always wrong and it can be repeated incidents of a very serious nature, we have been learning that even repeated low-level incidents can have a serious effect on a person’s emotional well-being. Such an experience can weigh a person down and negatively alter the way they think about themselves. For that reason we have focused this week on how each of us can be part of the solution, by finding creative, meaningful and honest ways to affirm one another and combat negative thoughts about oneself. We had quite a surprising time discovering that others often think more highly of us than we do of ourselves! Why don’t you try to affirm/encourage someone else today? It may just make all the difference to someone else’s journey through life.

Terrific Triangles!


We have been learning about the different types of triangles- equilateral, isosceles, scalene and right angled triangles. We used our knowledge of their properties to investigate how many different triangles we could create using Geoboard and Pic Collage apps on the iPad and labelled them.

Pantomime Comes To School!


We had a fabulous time when Peter Pan came to our school. Lots of fun and laughs were the result of this brilliant pantomime!


Ocean Habitats in a Shoebox!


We have been studying the topic of 'Under the Sea' in World Around Us and we spent some time learning about the variety of different habitats found in our oceans. They vary greatly in terms of temperature, appearance and the types of sea life they support. We looked at two particular ocean habitats in detail, namely the Kelp Forests found off the coasts of California and the Great Barrier Reef found off the coast of NW Australia.


In order to showcase our learning, we worked co-operatively in groups to produce artistic impressions of these habitats in a shoebox! 


  • Firstly we worked in groups to reach a consensus about which ocean habitat we would create and to generate ideas about what should be included in our particular habitat.
  • Then we discussed how we should create the required components of our 'shoebox ocean habitat' and compiled a list of necessary materials.
  • Next we assigned roles and responsibilities within our group to achieve our desired outcome.
  • After gathering the necessary resources, we worked as a team to create our habitats and engaged in problem-solving along the way as we encountered difficulties.
  • Finally we had a chance to consider and evaluate our creative achievements and appreciate the work of others.



We hope you will enjoy perusing the photographs of our efforts!




Ocean habitats in a shoebox!

Learning Today for Tomorrow’s World