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Ballymena Primary School

Ballymena Primary School

Believe, Persevere, Succeed




Our School Trip to Rosepark Farm

Visit from Noel from Arc21 to teach about the benefits of recycling. We found out how to make a plant pot out of recycled paper.

Outdoor play as we investigate the topic of ‘Houses and Homes’

Making a WInter snack!

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We had a great fun today toasting bagels and drinking hot chocolate by the fire pit.

We talked about the reasons it becomes hard for birds to get food during the Winter. We made our own bird feeders to help them eat during the Winter months.

Exploring 'Winter' through Play!

Using our knowledge of 2D shape properties we made a variety of shapes from straws. Can you spot the shapes we have made?

When a harvest of apples appear in your school orchard you must make some apple pies! 🍏🌳

Happy Barvember! Using Bar Modelling for addition.

Vegetable Soup! 🥕🥔🥒🥬🥦 During our topic of Autumn we read the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper. This inspired us to make our own soup.🍵 We wanted to make vegetable soup. First we sorted our vegetables. Then we washed, peeled, chopped and sliced our vegetables. Finally we simmered our vegetables in a giant pot until they were soft. We all had a taste when it had cooled. Our soup was delicious!

Making S’mores around the fire pit! We had great fun toasting marshmallows and munching chocolate biscuits on a crisp Autumn Morning in P2. 🍪🍢 🍁🍂

Sowing grass seeds 🌱🌾☀️🌧

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End of Nursery Rhyme Dress Up Day 2021. Can you guess who Primary 2 have come as?

Outdoor Play! Since returning to school after remote learning we have been taking lots of opportunities to play and learn outside. Come and see the fun we are having at Foundation Stage!

Autism NI Superheroes 2021

Back to school and learning through play.

World Book Day 4th March 2021

P1-2 Dinosaur Creations

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Remote Learning WAU Toys Topic

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Topic Based Maths

Outdoor Learning Day 5th November 2020

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Come and see what P1/2 HL got up to.

Who stole our porridge?

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Imagine our surprise, after a morning making porridge, when we returned to our classroom and it had been taken! Who was the culprit? Listen to the story of how we followed the clues to find out who stole our porridge!

Term One Play Based Learning

Maths Week 12th - 16th October 2020. Primary One and Two went on a Scavenger Hunt around our playground looking for patterns in our environment and finding some more of our own.

Nursery Rhyme Dress Up Day 2020. To celebrate the end of our topic of Nursery Rhymes we dressed up as characters from rhymes and fairytales. Can you guess who we are?

Learning Today for Tomorrow’s World