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Ballymena Primary School

Ballymena Primary School

Believe, Persevere, Succeed




Our topic this term is Trees. We have been learning how to identify a tree from the shape of its leaf, how to sketch different leaves and how to do leaf rubbings and we have been researching about trees that grow in other countries. 

World Around Us - Trees Topic

During maths week, we have had so much fun working with others to improve the speed of our mental addition and subtraction facts. We enjoyed applying our learning when playing games and even took our Numeracy into the great outdoors. 

Maths Week Madness!

This term we have been enjoying building our football skills with the Coaching 4 Christ team.

Coaching 4 Christ

Our World Around Us topic this term is Minibeasts. The children enjoyed researching about various minibeasts and recorded their findings using the Popplet App. They also enjoyed working with others to complete a Beetle Drive and they had loads of fun sketching their favourite minibeasts. 

Minibeasts Activity-Based Learning

The primary 4 children have been enjoying some extra outdoor P.E. sessions with the Coaching 4 Christ team. They are having so much fun and learning lots of new skills at the same time. 

Football with Coaching 4 Christ

The children all dressed up as their hero and took part in our superhero challenge where they had to show all their personal strengths and qualities. This linked in with Autism awareness week because it highlighted the importance of accepting everyone just as they are as we all have different strengths and personalities. 

Autism Awareness Week

In our Castles topic we have been having lots of fun learning about local castles, sketching and painting castles and building castles.
The children were very excited during Maths Week when we took our Numeracy learning outside.

Maths Week

Learning Today for Tomorrow’s World