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Ballymena Primary School

Ballymena Primary School

Believe, Persevere, Succeed



P.5/6 LR/EK

Our Topics


Under the Sea!

A cross-curricular adventure to the depths of the ocean. Many discoveries will be made as we learn about the carefully balanced ecosystems, food chains and fascinating creatures which call the ocean their habitat. We will also learn about how we depend on our oceans for our survival, how they have been put at risk and how we can best conserve our wondrous underwater world!


Excellent Egyptians!

In this topic we will delve into the pages of history! We will learn about the customs and beliefs of one of the earliest, but yet most advanced civilisations of our world and marvel at the majestic pyramids, some of the most famous Ancient Wonders of the World! We will walk in the shoes of archeologists by examining artefacts and evidence of that time and decode secret hieroglyphic messages. Join us on our time travelling adventure!

P5/6 use their powers of observation and artistic talents to create these beautiful tropical fish. Oil pastels and a colour wash were used to create this watery effect.

P5/6 enjoying Maths Week - looking for angles in our outdoor environment and presenting our findings using the iPads.

Numeracy fun - playing Quiz, Quiz, Trade to reinforce our learning on Lines

Numeracy - using the Geoboards to create regular and irregular 2D shapes.

Art - Self-Portraits. Using our first day of school pictures, we sketched the other half of our image through careful observation of the missing piece.

Learning Today for Tomorrow’s World