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Active Travel Map

At Ballymena PS we want to encourage as many of our families to travel to school actively. Below is our active travel map designed by our School Council with help from Mr Bridges and Johnny from Sustrans. Please use it to plan your journey to school to stay safe and travel in a fun and active way!

Our Top Tips To Stay Safe!

Red Route - Ballymoney Road

  • Walk in single file down the road as the footpath is narrow
  • Cross the road using the Crossing Patrol Man
  • Use the path into the People's Park and enter through our gate
  • When going past the People's Park car park make sure to look very carefully

Blue Route - Doury Road

  • Use the Pelican Crossing
  • Enter using the gate in the People's Park
  • Hybrid journey option - park in the car park at the far side of the People's Park

Orange Route - Parkway

  • Use the Zebra crossings
  • Watch out for cars - It is very busy!
  • Use the Crossing Patrol Man

Green Route - A26 Past St Louis

  • Use the Zebra crossings
  • Take care when walking past the staff car park
  • Use the main school entrance and watch out for small children, adults and prams.

Active Travel Top Tips

  1. Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or scooter
  2. Wear a high-vis jacket or bright clothes
  3. If you can't travel actively all the way do a hybrid journey
  4. Use safe crossings or the Patrol Man when crossing the road
  5. Be polite to others using the footpath
  6. Use the green cross code!

STOP at the edge of the pavement

LOOK for traffic and other road users

LISTEN for cars and traffic

WALK across the road and continue to look all around