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Digital Creativity

Through our digital creativity projects children have the opportunity to use digital still photography, to manipulate visual images and to create photo stories. Children record, edit and produce short films and animations through various digital video projects. Digital video cameras are used extensively in the curriculum and all Key Stage 2 children engage in web design projects. The children's learning is further enhanced during specialist ICT classes which explore stop-frame animation, podcasting, film and animation, coding/Scratch and control technology. 

Ballymena Primary’s TV studio provides the opportunity for children to perform various roles as directors, TV presenters, vision mixers, audio mixers, camera operators and programme editors.

We are also exploring how technology can be used to enhance learning opportunities in music. Children have opportunities to use Mixman, Tenori-on, Electronic keyboards and various music software titles such as Compose World, The Dums and Rhythm Maker. 

Recently the school embarked on an iPad project to explore how we could enhance teaching and learning, making it more exciting and engaging for our children.