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Outdoor Learning

At Ballymena Primary School, we value outdoor learning and using the enviornment around us highly in regards to education, sensory, nurture and its positive effects on a childs development.  Ballymena Primary School has been awared titles of 'TOPS' and also 'Forest Schools' which we embed into our curriculm and daily schedule for pupil's benefit.

Ballymena Primary is a 'TOPS' school

Taking Outdoor Play Seriously

In October 2021, Ballymena Primary were awarded a TOPS School award due to the dedication and commitment of our staff to develop areas and a programme that benefits pupils while they play outside during their alotted break and lunch playtimes. 



Ballymena Primary is an official Forest School


In 2021, Ballymena Primary School was awared the title of being a 'Forest School'.  As a part of this, classes will venture into the nearby park and complete a variety of activites and challages involving all natural elements.  This helps children develop their imagination, dexterity and problem solving skills all while being in the outdoors.