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Pastoral Care


The quality of Pastoral Care influences the ethos and tone of the whole school. It creates an atmosphere in which children feel secure, know that they are valued and are encouraged in their learning, growth and social development within a healthy and safe environment.

It will inform and reassure parents that their children are being educated in a safe and caring atmosphere. Pastoral care in this school is based on the principles of good relationships and mutual respect. We are acutely aware of the difficulties faced by our children growing up in the 21st century and the many influences that they encounter from society towards issues such as sex, drugs and leisure in relation to health, violence etc. The Board of Governors, Principal and all staff, teaching and non-teaching have a responsibility for pastoral care.


Pastoral Care is a set of systems, procedures and programmes which attempt to meet the totality of needs of our children so that each child has the opportunity to reach his/her potential, and is equipped with the skills to cope with life. Pastoral Care addresses social, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs.


  • To create an environment where children are safe and contented.
  • To ensure the all-round development of each child.
  • To help children grow in self-esteem, confidence and independence of thought.
  • To communicate to our children, values and beliefs, that are in keeping with our ethos.
  • To protect children from physical, social, emotional and intellectual harm and to provide them with the skills to cope with possible threats to their personal safety, both within and outside school.
  • To encourage tolerance, understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others.
  • To promote warm and positive relationships between children, staff and parents.


The values and ethos of Ballymena Primary School, and its Pastoral Care policy totally complement one another and are grounded in our belief that each child in our care deserves the best that we can provide. Pastoral Care is fully integrated into the school's daily routines, its curriculum and extra-curricular activities. The effects of this and all other related policies will be monitored and evaluated by the Principal, staff and Board of Governors and amended as required.