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Ballymena Primary School

Ballymena Primary School

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TASC: Thinking Actively in Social Contexts

TASC stands for Thinking Actively in Social Contexts and was developed by Belle Wallace, Past President of The National Association for Able Children. TASC is a universal thinking skills framework which enables pupils to work independently, to develop research skills and to apply problem solving approaches across the curriculum. TASC is also a very useful tool in the development of cooperative group work in the classroom. The TASC framework is presented in the form of a wheel with each segment enabling the pupil to focus systematically on a particular stage of the problem solving process. The eight stages are "Gather and Organise", "Identify", "Generate", "Decide", "Implement", "Evaluate", "Communicate" and "Learn from Experience". At Ballymena Primary we have found that TASC allows for the easy integration of other thinking tools, for example using a Mind Map or Circle Map to "Gather and Organise" or the Green Hat at the "Generate" stage. A large coloured version of the TASC Wheel is on display in each classroom.         


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