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Ballymena Primary School

Ballymena Primary School

Believe, Persevere, Succeed



Thinking Hats

Thinking Hats were devised by Dr Edward de Bono and are based on the premise of "parallel thinking". De Bono argues that group discussions often degenerate into unregulated, adversarial approaches to the problem under consideration. The metaphorical thinking hats, by contrast, enable all participants to think in parallel so that each of the six cognitive forms are considered in turn. In this way facts, feelings, benefits, difficulties and creativity have their legitimate place. Mrs Henry, a member of our school's Thinking Team, is an accredited Six Hats trainer and acts as a consultant to all staff. In all classrooms at Ballymena Primary School brightly coloured bowler hats are displayed as visual reminders of the De Bono system of thinking.    


Ballymena Primary has been accredited as a "De Bono Thinking School".    



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